Women Should stay at home

Allah S.W.T has created woman with the unique character. She is more patience and has a high sensitivity of all things. In addition, women have a lot of manner to solve the families problem. Therefore, depend to my previous view, the women should stay at home because of the responsibility of keeping house, carrying the children and preventing from the crimes.

My First point of the woman should stay at home is the responsibility of keeping the house. While the husband is looking for the money. In order to accomplish the families basic necessities, the women should keep the house clean and neat. She has to arrange the things on its places and then cooking the delicious food for their families.

The most obvious reason of women to stay at home is to carrying their children. in that, the first idea of child is his mother. Furthermore the good mother would instruct her children and arise him up with the ultimate education and attitude. On the other hand, the misbehaviour of children is caused by the lack of attention of their mother to their children’s education.

in certain way, woman should stay at home to prevent from the abuse and crimes. Nowdays there are many kinds of human crimes, especially for the women in terms of trafficking, prostitution and slavery. Until this present day, the women were imaged as the weakness human kind, she has no force to against the wicked men.

In this modern era, the human right issue is lively discussed, the modern people said every human has the right to do, act and express what they want to do. No exception the women. They should not to be frog in the coconut shell. Lamentate her destination. However the women still have the freedom to do and act moreover the house job. At least, the family is the most important thing to develop and keep in well for happiness.

To sum up, because of the natural character and gift. I strongly agree that the women should stay at home for taking care their families and achieve happiness of the life.



In’amul Wafy (IKPM Malaysia)

PG Mahallah Siddiq International Islamic University Malaysia


About intanelwahdy

Graduate of International Islamic University Malaysia B.A In Islamic Studies. Member of Majelis Intelektual & Ulama Muda Indonesia Branch Kaltara Member of Komisi Fatwa Majelis Ulama Indonesia Tarakan
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